How to freeze chapathi’s

How to freeze homemade chapathi: Roll out chapathis that you are planned to freeze. In between take parchment or butter papers respectively. Place the chapathi over the parchment and place another parchment- place another chapathi. Repeat the same process as much you required. Finally fold the ends and tag the corners using paper pin or READ MORE

Methy Chapathi

Methy/ Fenugreek leaves/ vendaya Keerai, we usually make some dhal using this fresh methi greens. Instead of dhal, i thought of include this healthy greens into chapathi and it turns out really well. Some of the benefits of the vendaya keerai are These are highly beneficial for treating poor liver functions It has an incredible READ MORE

Kiddo Spinach Chapathi

Kiddo spinach butter chapathi This is a value addition version of buttery-flaky-chapathi. I use to make spinach chapathi all the time instead of regular chapathi I tried this value addition to our kiddo-butter chapathi. It works quiet well. Ingredient: Whole wheat/ multi-grain flour –        1 cup Cold butter –        1/3 cup Spinach puree (blanched) –        READ MORE

Layered Chapathi

WHOLE WHEAT LAYERED CHAPATHI This layered chapathi version just thought of making whole wheat parotta meanwhile im got a chance to experiment this layered chapathi and it really works. Here is the recipe Ingredient: Whole wheat/ multi-grain flour –        1 cup Salt –        1tsp Olive oil/ mild cooking oil –        1 tblsp Water –        as READ MORE