About Me

I am Nithia Kanmani, currently residing in US with my hubby (Anand) and my 2 year old daughter (Ridhi). I have 2 siblings – an elder sister and a younger brother. I was born and brought up in Mayiladuthurai and I had my schooling in this beautiful town. I did my engineering in a private college in Thanjavur staying in hostel. After my degree, I worked in a mix of both IT and Non-IT jobs, in Bangalore and Chennai, staying mostly in PGs. My hostel stay during college days and PG stay during work, gave me a valued perspective of food and more importantly home cooked food.

My mother is a great cook and she used to treat us with hotel styled recipes and snacks almost every day; I used to wonder how she had the energy for all this, after work (she worked at a govt. bank). I am a foodie myself and used to cherish all of my mom’s favorite recipes anytime, but the valued perspective of food made me to respect food more than ever.

When I was pregnant with Ridhi and even after delivery, it was just me and my hubby going through the entire experience; we had help in the form of my Mom, for few weeks right during delivery and the initial few weeks after delivery.  We learnt a whole lot of things about food during pregnancy, women health, customs, home remedy and bringing up the baby ourselves.

Also, staying away from home, I felt a compelling need to continue all the traditions and customs that my mom & sister followed, and ensure I teach my little one all these invaluable part of our culture.

Most of my posts will try to touch on all of the above.