Kiddo Spinach Chapathi

Kiddo spinach butter chapathi

This is a value addition version of buttery-flaky-chapathi. I use to make spinach chapathi all the time instead of regular chapathi I tried this value addition to our kiddo-butter chapathi. It works quiet well.


  • Whole wheat/ multi-grain flour –        1 cup
  • Cold butter –        1/3 cup
  • Spinach puree (blanched) –        3tblsp
  • Salt –        1tsp
  • Water –        as req


Step 1:

In a wide mixing bowl add a cup of whole wheat, salt and cold butter and rub well with your fingers without any lumps.

Step 2:

In a medium sauce pan blanch some fresh spinach and immediately take out the greens and give it an ice bath to retain the color. Cool completely puree it

Step 3:

Later add water little by little until you reach the consistency, do not add too much of water, since we add cold butter and spinach puree to the mixture little water makes difference in your consistency so keep an eye

Step 4:

Rest for 30 mins or so and take a lemon sized ball and roll it evenly to form a circular shape and place it over a pre-heated tawa. Allow it to cook for 2 mins or so it will puff up completely and flip it out and let it cook for a min and you will get a fluffy- buttery-flaky chapathi.

You can serve as it is or simply rolled with homemade jam or with some mild spice subzi.

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