In our early days we hardly use Chapathi, now CHAPATHI is one of the most STAPLE Food in our regular diet. We can do a numerous variation instead of our regular whole wheat chapathi. I often do Palak chapathi, kezhvaragu chapathi, kambu chapathi and so on. Of all chapathi value additions, here is the recipe for the healthy whole wheat chapathi and also I just want to share how to knead the dough with much ease.



  • Whole wheat flour –        1 cup
  • Water –        ½ cup/ as req
  • Salt –        1 tsp
  • Cold butter –       2tblsp (optional – for flaky texture)
  • Mild cooking oil/ olive oil- 2tblsp

Value Additions:

  • Milk –        ½ cup (inspite of water)
  • Sugar –        2tblsp(for sweet version)
  • Grounded mixed nuts – 2tblsp( for kids – sweet version)
  • Crumbled paneer –        4tblsp( for paneer chapathi/paratha with a tsp of roasted cumin powder and tsp of chaat masala)
  • Grated carrot –        4tblsp(for carrot chapathi/paratha with a tsp of roasted cumin powder)
  • Grated beetroot –        4tblsp(for beetroot chapathi/paratha with a tsp of roasted cumin powder)
  • Blanched spinach puree –        4tblsp(for spinach chapathi/paratha with a tsp of roasted cumin powder)



Step 1:

In a wide mixing bowl, add the required amount of whole wheat flour with a tsp of salt, if you are adding the cold butter add at this time )mix well before adding the water

Step 2:

Sprinkle some water (donot pour all water at once) gently rub the flour and add water little by little with respect to your consistency and knead well with your hands.


Step 3:

Once you able to shape the dough add 2tblsp of any mild cooking oil/olive oil and rest the dough for some time (it is not mandatory, if the dough rest for some time then the texture of the chapathi would be too soft)

Step 4:

When you are ready to rolled out chapathis at this stage knead the dough well for a min or so for the final texture then the dough is ready to roll out


  • You can knead the dough first before preparing the subzi (side-curry) then the dough can rest until.
  • Whenever you are doing the value-additions, add every ingredient and mix well with the flour before adding water, this kind of preparing helps you to get the flavor infused chapathi dough.
  • If the water exceeds adjust the flour accordingly

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