Multi-Grain Sathumavu

Multi-Grain Sathumavu is a complete nutritious loaded health mix. We used to have sathumavu drink in our childhood; even now my mom makes this on saturday’s, sometimes as morning drink. The mix is a rich source of protein, iron, fiber, carbohydrate and calcium. This health mix porridge is simply delicious and flavorful. Here is the READ MORE

The Complete Meal

You can introduce this meal for your baby around 11 month or so This is a nutritious meal, with a good calorie package This was my daughter’s favorite when she was around 1 year old Ingredients Par boiled rice                         – 1/3cup Greens                                        – 1/3 cup Mixed veggies                         – 1/3cup Pasiparuppu/moong dhal  – 1 tblsp READ MORE

Arisi Keerai Kanji

Arisi keerai kanji / Rice greens porridge You can introduce this kanji at 9 months or so Spinach/pasalai keerai/palak is loaded with tons of nutrients. This is one of the super healthy dark leafy greens. Ingredients Par boiled rice                    – 1/3cup Greens                                   – 1/3 cup Seeragam/cumin seeds – a pinch Garlic                                      – READ MORE