Parangi Pulip Kootu

Yellow pumpkin sour curry Ingredient:  Parangikai/ pumpkin –          2 cup Puli karasal/ tamarind paste –          1/4 cup Water –          as req Salt –          as req Curry leaves –          1 sprig Jageery –          1 tsp Coconut oil –          1 tblsp  Kootu paste: 1 Coriander seeds –          2 tblsp Split chickpea –          1 tblsp Urad dhal –          READ MORE

Vazhaipoo kootu

VAZHAIPOO-MURUNGAIKEERAI KOOTU: A classic south-indian combination, Very tasty and healthy meal. Some of the benefits of both healthy combo are About Murungai keerai/drumstick leaves rich in fiber These leaves are known to control the diabetics and improve the glucose tolerance. These leaves are exclusively control the blood cholesterol levels mainly Total cholesterol level and Triglyceride READ MORE

Pasala Keerai Kootu

PASALA KEERAI KOOTU: Spinach is loaded with TONS of nutrients with low calorie. It is one of the good source of dietary potassium and magnesium which is important to maintain our human health. Dark leafy greens like spinach provides fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium, protein, minerals, vitamins, folate/Folic acid/ Vitamin B9 (which is the most important READ MORE

Poosanikai Kootu

POOSANIKAI KOOTU: Poosanikai/ winter melon, we treated this one as a classic veggie. How many of know that this veggie PROTECTS THE HEART, with high level of POTASSIUM & VITAMIN C. Some of the surprising benefits of winter melon are It boosts the vision It protects your heart Since it delivers the Vitamin C in READ MORE

Cucumber kootu

CUCUMBER KOOTU: Cucumbers are rich in two basic elements that needed for your healthy digestion WATER & FIBER. Cucumbers are keeps you hydrated, fights body heat both from inside and outside, it flushes out toxins, Supplies skin friendly minerals like magnesium, potassium etc., It aids in weight loss., Revives the eyes and it helps to READ MORE

Cabbage Kootu

CABBAGE KOOTU: A good pacifying side for ulcer patients. Easy to make and a very healthy and light meal. You can even feed this for your lil one. . This leafy vegetable is loaded with tons of nutrients. Some of the benefits are Good source of vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin C. Rich in dietary READ MORE