About Navaratri: Navaratri – Nava Means”Nine”, ratri means “Night”. Once of the very famous Hindu festival celebrated all over india. It is celebrated for Nine Nights and 10 days, where we worship Goddess “Durga/Shakthi”. Towards the southern part of India like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, people keep Kolu (“Thematic clay dolls”). They are arranged READ MORE

Ayudha Poojai

It is an integral part of “Navarathri” festival, it means “worship of instruments” On this special day, we use to deep clean the house, vehicle and other day-to-day use instruments. Deep clean each thing with so much care and finally decorate with vibudti/thiruneer pattai, sandhanam(sandlewood paste) sprinkles and ends with kunkum dot. Later by using READ MORE