Castella Cake

//cotton sponge cake//


  • Melted unsalted Butter – 5 tblsp
  • Whole Milk – 3 tblsp (room temperature)
  • Salt – a pinch
  • Granulated Sugar – 2 tblsp
  • Cake flour – 6 tblsp (or)
    • All purpose flour – 4 tblsp
    • Corn starch – 2 tblsp

Whipping Egg White:

  • Eggs – 3 ( cold temperature)
  • Granulated sugar – 5 tblsp
  • Cream of tartar (or) lime juice – ¼ tsp
  • Vanilla essence – 2 tsp (optional)


  • Pre heat the oven to 300˚F
  • Grease a square/ round pan with some butter and dust with some flour and keep aside; (I have used 9 inch loaf pan)
  • In a sauce pan, add 5 tblsp of melted butter along with a pinch of salt and turn on the heat under medium flame.
  • Now add the room temperature whole milk, 2 tblsp of granulated sugar into the sauce pan and mix well.
  • When the sugar dissolves completely, remove the pan from heat and add the cake flour slowly into the warm butter-milk mixture; stir well.
  • Separate the eggs- yolk and white in a separate bowl.
  • Add the yolk (one at a time) into the cake flour mixture and mix thoroughly (approx. 20-25 turns using spatula/ whisker) and keep aside.
  • Using a stand/ hand mixture beat the egg whites with ¼ tsp of cream of tartar; in between add a tblsp of granulated sugar into the mixture. Beat well until stiff peak forms. Add 2 tsp of vanilla essence and mix well.
  • Now add a little amount of whipped egg whites into the cake mixture and blend together; now pour the cake mixture into the whipped egg whites and fold it gently with a spatula/ whisker.
  • Pour the mixture gently into the prepared pan and tap it twice over the surface counter to take out the air bubbles from the batter.

             Water Bath –  The major step in this cake is “WATER BATH”.

  • Place the cake pan into a large pan and pour enough cold water surround the cake pan and bake the cake for about 60 mins or until the cake is done(insert a toothpick comes out clean)
  • Leave the cake in the same pan once out from the oven for about 10-15 mins and tap it once to relax the cake and remove the cake from the pan and cool completely over a wire rack.
  • The super COTTON SPONGE “CASTELLA CAKE” is ready to serve.


  • Adding vanilla essence is purely optional
  • The whipped egg whites- the peaks stand up straight when you lift the beater; don’t whip the egg whites too hard neither soft, it will spoil the cake texture.
  • Always fold the egg whites into the cake batter, don’t stir or beat the egg whites, it will lose its fluffiness

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