White angel Barbie Cake

Sponge Castella cake with vanilla Buttercream


  • Castella cake (8inch-6inch-4inch)
  • American vanilla Buttercream
  • Simple sugar syrup


American Vanilla Buttercream

  • Room temperature (softened) unsalted butter – 2cups (or) 1 lb
  • Confectionery sugar – 4 cups (or) 2 lb
  • Condensed milk – ½ cup (optional)
  • Whole milk – ¼ cup
  • Pure vanilla extract – 2 tsp


  • Add the room temperature softened butter and beat it until light and fluffy; between add the confectionary sugar into two batches; along with condensed milk and beat well.
  • Towards the end, add milk and vanilla essence and mix well.

Simple Sugar syrup:

  • Add a cup of sugar with a cup of water bring it to boil or until the sugar dissolves completely; cool completely before use
  • You can add any flavorings like orange peel, lemon zest, vanilla extract etc.,

Cake frosting:

  • Fill the frosting into a large piping bag with big plain tip
  • Undress the doll and tie it using a plastic wrap from waist to toe(ref pic)

  • Cut the cake into equal layers (ref pic)

  • Use one small circle cutter (ref pic) which allows to fit the Barbie inside and cut it gently and keep aside (ref pic)

  • Place the 1st layer of the cake on the cake stand and brush the sugar syrup generously (ref pic) on it and apply layer of frosting and spread it gently (ref pic) repeat the same process for the remaining layers.

  • Insert the Barbie into the center of the cake and starts shaping the cake from upwards to downwards as you wish(how exactly your Barbie gown should be); Crumb coat the Barbie cake (ref pic) and refrigerate for about 30 mins

  • Start piping from bottom line to waist line using star tip; and use different tip for the top line; (ref pic)even you can add any color to the frosting
  • Refrigerate for few hours before use.

  • The super easy, simple and gorgeous “WHITE ANGEL BARBIE CAKE” ready for SHOW.


  • For any buttercream cake, keep it in the room temperature at least 2 hours before the party time.
  • You can add more decorative items like M&M candies, sugar sprinkles and more

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